Thursday 6 March 2014

Nonabox: January - Review

After not being 100% pleased with my first Nonabox, I was really excited to see what would be in the next one. I was told that as a one-off, this box wouldn't be tailored to my toddler, but instead include items from all boxes (pregnancy, new baby & toddler) to give me more of an idea of the items that mothers in different stages to myself would receive. 

The box came in it's usual sturdy purple box & inside was:

1. Nonabox branded tote bag - this is a really cute bag and we probably will get the use out of it. 
2. Vital Touch Baby Massage Booklet (RRP £3.25) - as I'm now pregnant with my second child and never did baby massage with C, this will come in handy for trying it out with the new baby. 
3. Natalhypno Pregnancy Relax CD (RRP £11.99) - again, as I'm pregnant, I'll use it but if I did just have a toddler with no plans of having another baby I'd be a bit disappointed as it would go to waste.
4. Vital Touch Natalia Booklet
5. Smallprint Magic Inkless Print Kit (RRP £11.99) - I have a Smallprint bracelet with C's footprint on the charm. This will come in handy for when I purchase another item with the new baby's hand or footprint.
6. Natalhynotherapy leaflet
7. Bebelephant Buggy Hooks (RRP £4.99) - this is my favourite item in the box. We don't drive and are always using the buggy's basket or handles to hang bags so we've gotten a lot of use out of these!
8. Vital Touch Natalia Baby Massage Oil (RRP. £5.25) - as mentioned before, this can be used for when I do baby massage with the new baby.

Altogether, these items collectively come to around £37.47 which is above the £25 cost of the box. I was a little underwhelmed by it but only because it's not tailored to my toddler. I still hold out high hopes for my March Nonabox!

(Disclaimer: I received this box free of charge in exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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