Wednesday 19 March 2014

Finding the Perfect Double Pram

I posted this on Facebook a few days ago about how I felt that the perfect double pram doesn't exist. Maybe it's because we're too fussy? Here's what problems we're facing:

The new baby is due 13 days before C's second birthday. Neither of us drive or use public transport so we literally walk EVERYWHERE. A buggy board with a single for the newborn would be a no-no because we do sometimes be out for hours and I know C's legs would get tired. 

We don't like side-by-sides. Our doorway is very narrow so I wouldn't be able to fit it through and if I'm by myself, I don't really fancy having to get the 2 kids out of the pram by myself then wrestle to get it in. 

Tandem is our best bet but we don't like the ones where it looks like the child at the bottom is basically IN the basket! I also worry about little hands poking out and touching the wheels. 

We tried C in a Cosatto All Star Tandem but he looked very squashed up. He's 18 months so I can't imagine he'd have very much space to move at 2 years! It was also very hard to get up kerbs. 

Realistically, we didn't want to spend much more over £500. Our two favourite prams at the minute seem to be the Baby Jogger City Select Double and the Hauck Duett Tandem Pushchair

I don't think I'd be very comfortable with a buggy for C and newborn in a sling (especially for extended periods of time!) 

Does anyone have any experience with either of these prams? Or have I overlooked one that would be perfect!? 


1 comment on "Finding the Perfect Double Pram"
  1. Whenever I had both my boys, 14mths apart, I too needed a double buggy. I was and still not a fan of the side by side buggys, they just look to big and bulky to get anywhere. So I opted for the front and back buggy. I loved it. Yes, it felt like I was pushing a bus but both boys had room, both boys could lay flat without crushing the one behind and it worked. I didn't even know of cosatto and other brands back then (14yrs ago) but this one was a Graco I know that for sure.

    Good luck on the hunt nd thanks for linking up!! #madmidweekbloghop