Sunday 26 April 2015

A Family Picnic

All last week, C kept asking me for a picnic. Chris had Sunday off so as it was a good day, we decided we'd have a picnic then. 

We packed up sandwiches, cocktail sausages and lots of other treats and made our way to the park. The park in question is beautiful and its never too busy which I prefer to other parks in our area. 

We sadly don't have a garden and I feel terrible about that. C loves being outdoors. We are hoping to move this summer so I'll definitely be looking for a house with a garden!

C had so much fun running around kicking his football, throwing his frisbee and blowing bubbles. The picnic that he had wanted all week was overlooked by how much fun he was having playing outdoors. 

My heart broke when he cried because he had to go home. Seeing him so happy over something so simple melts my heart. 

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