Friday 3 April 2015

C & E's Easter Baskets

This is the first year I've done Easter Baskets. My mum made my sister and I baskets every year so I thought I'd try and continue that tradition on with my children. 

I didn't want to go overboard and spend a fortune. They get utterly spoiled at their birthdays and Christmas so I tried to keep costs down as much as I could. 

First up, here is what I've put in 7 month old E's Easter Basket. 

At 7 months old, there's not a lot that she needs. I won't be gifting her any chocolate as I feel that she is a bit too young for that yet. 

Funky Giraffe Spring bibs (£4 each) / Spot's First Easter book (£4.79) / Bunny soft toy (£3 at Asda) / Bunny leggings (£1.99)

Her basket is pretty simple but it is all stuff that she would actually use. 

Inside C's basket, I have:

Easter colouring book (£1 at Tesco) / Peppa's Easter Hunt book (£2.49) / Bing Sticker Activity book (£3.99)

Chocolate bunny (£1 at Tesco) / Chocolate lolly (£1 at Tesco) / Chocolate carrot (50p at Tesco)

The baskets themselves are just little plastic ones that I picked up from Tesco. Their baskets are nothing special but they will love them!

He does also have a lot more chocolate bits (more than I realised!) so I think we will end up baking with most of it!

Do you make Easter baskets for your children? What do you put in them?

2 comments on "C & E's Easter Baskets"
  1. Fab baskets, I have made one for Blake just not got round to blogging bout it yet

  2. I've made one this year. My daughter has just turned 12 months, so there's not a great deal she needs either, so I've done mine cheaply too x