Tuesday 21 April 2015

C at 31 Months

Sometimes I look at C's baby pictures then look at him now. I cannot comprehend that I've raised this amazing little boy into the fantastic almost 3 year old that he is. Actually, I can't believe he's almost 3! I still remember the day he was born as though it was yesterday. 

He's still quite obsessed with Peppa Pig and because he is developing more phrases, many of these are ones that he's picked up from watching Peppa. "I'm bored" is probably my favourite. He says it in exactly the same tone and Chris and I always laugh when he says it. 

He's a typical boy and every time he passes wind, he says "ewww! I farted!" Very funny. Not so funny in public. 

When Chris or myself has something (item of food, glass of juice etc) and C has the same. He has to clink them together and say "Cheers!"

He is in a little phase at the moment, maybe it's part of the 'Terrible Twos' but he is constantly telling me "no!" He is quite defiant too and stomps his foot as he says it. "Why?" is a new one too. I wasn't looking forward to him discovering that! 

He loves playing with the iPad. I always said he'd never use it but he's learning loads from the educational apps. I will do a separate blog post on his favourite apps. 

He recently got a jigsaw (for review, my post will be up soon) and I didn't expect him to understand what to do with it but he has really surprised me. I did need to help him a little and ask him to find certain bits but he did do it and put the pieces in place. He got a scooter too and I was surprised to see that he was able to push it properly straight away!

C has found a new love. My camera. If I ever leave it down, he's straight over turning it on and snapping photos. I think I'll need to get him his own little toy one. 

I mentioned his speech earlier but I am in awe at how well he's doing. I can speak to him now like I speak to Chris. He understands everything and can answer me perfectly. He even asks his own questions. Chris ruffled his hair the other day, C looked at him and said, "What are you doing? Stop that." It may not seem like a lot but for a mum who was worried about his speech, I feel like shouting from the rooftops. 

His logic is improving greatly and he is putting things together. If he sees and item or place he can instantly be reminded of something then ask me for it. 

He learned how to blow bubbles this weekend! Again, this may not seem like a huge thing but he never knew how blow before and he is loving that he can blow his own bubbles now. He also learned to kick a football. Usually he'd pick him up and throw them but at our trip to the park on Sunday he was dribbling the ball like a little pro!

We had a stage where he has been an extremely fussy eater. Breakfast and lunch were okay but he point blank refused to eat dinner no matter what I offered him. For the past two days he has eaten all of his dinner. I hope I'm not jinxing it! 

His sister is becoming very independent now and if she sees C playing with a toy,  she'll try and take it off him. She obviously doesn't understand as she's just a baby. C really surprised me as he stays calm and understands that she doesn't know that she can't take toys. I'm so proud of him. 

2 comments on "C at 31 Months"
  1. Well done little man. :)
    I get the cheers all the time too. We had to cheers 2 muffins Yesterday.
    can't believe he knows how to blow bubbles. I'd say it must be really hard for them. Matthew still can't do it and he's 1 month older but yet he's a lazy boy he's certainly not so well behaved like Caleb. Very stubborn and doesn't want anything to do with his sister.

  2. Aw, sounds like he's doing wonderfully! He sounds very similar to Dex. I love C's tshirt by the way!

    Dex loves In the Night Garden at the moment, and Charlie and Lola!

    His speech is doing really well too, but earlier he kept saying "Hello...bloody hell!" :O We have no idea where he got it from!

    He also does the "no" and stomping feet thing. Terrible twos are definitely here! lol.