Friday 24 April 2015

Animals Jigsaw & Sticker Book

Every time I look for toys and games suitable for C's age, I always come across jigsaw puzzles. These were never something I'd bought C as I felt that he was maybe a bit too young and wouldn't really understand how to put them together.

Little Tiger Press sent him an Animal Jigsaw & Sticker book by Fhiona Galloway & Jonathan Litton which is brand new - only released on April 6th!

I opened out the jigsaw fully expecting to do most of it but C was really interested in why it was all in pieces. I started him off by finding two edge pieces and putting those together. He loves animals, recognises and can name the majority of them so all I had to do was ask him to find the piece with a certain animal on it, he'd bring it to me then I'd tell him where to put it.

He caught on very quickly and he really surprised me. He had so much fun telling me what all the animals were (especially the ones along the border of the puzzle) and he clapped when we had completed it. He also sat admiring it for a while! The more he's used it, the better he's getting at doing it himself. 

The sticker book I already knew would be a huge hit before I even handed it to C. He loves stickers and I honestly think he'd sit sticking stickers all day if he could.

Again, he loved telling me all of the animals and as he can't read himself yet, I had to tell him what animals he needed to stick on each page. I love that we can remove the stickers and re-use the book. He has thoroughly enjoyed both the jigsaw and the sticker book and I would definitely recommend the set.

The Animals Jigsaw & Sticker Book is recommended for children aged 3-5 but C at 2.5 years only needed slight help with them. You can purchase it from Little Tiger Press for only £6.99.

(Disclaimer: We received this item for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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