Wednesday 1 April 2015

What I've Won: March 2015

I didn't do too many competitions during March. I focused more than usual on blogging and I had a horrid cold for about a two weeks so I couldn't even be bothered doing anything when the kids were asleep. I did have some lovely prizes though.

1) LeapFrog Learning Friends Adventure Bus (RRP £12.99) from Jacintaz3

This is aged 2-5 years and I've been 'mean mummy' and I've put it away for Christmas! C will love it.

2) Noodle Kids Cookbook (RRP £14.00) from What The Redhead Said

I was so pleased with this win! C is really fussy with food at the minute so it will be great for getting him interested in the kitchen and cooking with me then maybe enjoying his food more because he's helped make it!

3) Handmade dress (RRP £30) from Zombunny Designs

I'm so excited to receive this dress! It is so my style. I've gone for an anchor fabric and I will definitely be sharing pics when it arrives!

4) iPad Mini Case (RRP £9.95) from Jammy Lizard

I love this case! It's so handy as I can have my iPad sitting upright if I'm streaming a movie or TV show.

5) Kids Healthy Eating Books (RRP £12.00) from NutriKidsCo

C loves to read so I was delighted with this win. It's even better that they centre around healthy eating so maybe they'll encourage him to eat more veg!

6) £150 Tommee Tippee Bundle from Argos

I was completely over the moon with this win. I entered it quickly on the bus to Dublin on St Patrick's Day and the following day, I received a DM to say I'd won! I couldn't believe it. I was able to choose what items I wanted and I went for the Explora Weaning Kit, Explora Baby Food Blender, Perfect Prep Machine and a filter for the Prep Machine. 

7) Fatframe (RRP £18.99) from Fatframe

This is such a brilliant win. C has just started stealing my iPad to watch Peppa or play some apps so it is perfect for when his little hands want to hold it.

Total price of March wins = £237.98!

How did you do this month?

5 comments on "What I've Won: March 2015"
  1. I don't know how you do it. I never win anything and if I do the prize never arrives. Has been the case on so many occasions. :(

  2. Wow you had a lucky month well done and good luck for April.

  3. Your so lucky. I need to get back to doing it :-)

  4. Doing well! Not so good here. I did win some Dreamworks magazines for the boys but that is it x

  5. Wow that's a fantastic haul! I won a bit in March my favourite was probably an oilatum bundle.
    Thanks for linking up with #LIML