Thursday 9 April 2015

aden + anais Dream Blanket

Yesterday, I posted my review of the beautiful aden + anais Cozy Sleeping Bag and I wrote that as I'd received one from a bad batch, they replaced it and sent us one of their Dream Blankets by way of an apology. Of course, I'm not obligated to review this but because I was so pleased with how the situation was dealt with and how great a company they are, I wanted to share my thoughts.

I was able to choose which design I'd like from their fabulous range and I opted for the ellie + starburst. The pink and grey colours against the white blanket suit a little girl perfectly. I love that there are two different designs on each side; stars and elephants.

In true aden + anais fashion, the Dream Blanket is made from 100% muslin which makes it breathable and comfortable for your baby to have around them whilst they sleep.

The blanket is huge at 120cm x 120cm so E will be using it right into toddlerhood! At the minute she has it round her for naps and we even put it down on the floor for her to sit on whilst she plays with her toys or attempts crawling.

Here it is in comparison to my double bed:

Similarly to what I wrote in yesterday's sleeping bag review, I have given this a wash and tumble dry and it hasn't been affected at all. It is still in perfect condition.

The aden + anais dream blanket retails at £44.95 which I think is great prize for something that will be used so frequently and for quite a long period of time.
You can check out their range of dream blankets at the aden + anais website.

(Disclaimer: I wasn't required to write a review of this product. As stated above, it was gifted to me free of charge.)

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  1. What a fab brand, these look amazing I may buy one as a gift for my pregnant sis in law.