Tuesday 7 April 2015

Hello, sunshine!

The good weather has arrived! It's been a long time since we've seen a bit of sun so we seized the opportunity and took the kids to the park. E slept the whole time and it was the first time we've gone out without C's buggy. 

A few times he asked for Chris to carry him but it wasn't for long as he wanted down to walk again. He had lots of fun running around in the grass and collecting sticks. He cried his eyes out when we had to leave and said, "the trees!" He's such a little nature lover. 

He got a bit tired on the way home so he made a little makeshift seat on the front wheel cover of E's pram. It was blimmin' heavy to push! He did give me a little hand pushing his sister home though. 

The good weather has made me feel a lot happier. I love a bit of sun! Chris is off until Sunday and the weather is supposed to be good too Saturday so I think we'll be out every day! 

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