Friday 5 July 2013

#BudgetBucketList with MoneySupermarket

I don't have a Bucket List. I know, I'm only 21 and don't really need to be thinking about that just yet but....I'm 21! In the prime of my life and I should be out there doing great and fun things whilst I am still young!

I have never thought about what I want my life to ultimately be like. Sure there are a few silly things that I'd maybe like to do but nothing like a 'goal'.

So I gave it some thought. Here is my 'Bucket List':

1) Get married - I never wanted to get married. To me, it's just a piece of paper and that had nothing to do with how much you and your partner loved each other. And then I met Chris (grab your vomit buckets, guys!) and I knew I wanted to marry him. Right now though as we're both studying and he's only working a part-time job, there's no way we could afford to be married. We've spoken about getting engaged but Chris is very traditional and couldn't do it without a ring.

2) Have a baby - I can happily cross this off my list. I, again, never wanted kids until I met Chris (feel free to vomit again) and now that our son is here, I couldn't imagine it any other way. I would like to extend our family though when we both have steady jobs.

3) Own our own house with a garden - We rent at the minute as there is no way that we could afford to get on the property ladder. We're both students and only Chris's part-time jobs salary is coming in so it's a pretty decent house but we don't have a garden for our son to play in. I'd love for him to have his own outdoor space.

4) Go on a family holiday - Chris and I had been together 3 years before having our son and we'd never even been on a couples holiday never mind a family holiday! I'd love to go away to a quaint little Spanish town (not tourist areas) and blend in with the culture.

5) Take up a hobby and stick to it - I bought crochet hooks and wool, watched a few YouTube videos (all in one sitting) and I found it really difficult and gave up. Now everything is shoved in the back of the wardrobe. I think that I need to look around and try a whole mess of different things to find out what's best for me.

6) Visit Boston, Chicago, New York City and Berlin - They're just those places that you hear so much about and I want to be able to go and experience it all for myself.

7) Learn how to swim - Back when I was having swimming lessons with my school at ten years old, I almost drowned. Ever since, I have avoided swimming pools and other large bodies of water. Now that I have a child, I need to get over my phobia and learn how to swim so that we can go swimming as a family.

8) Do something worthwhile - I don't know what. When I die, that will be it. I will be forgotten about. I'd love to leave my name to something. Something that I'll be remembered for.

This is my entry for the #BudgetBucketList competition with MoneySupermarket. As per the competitions rules, I need to tag three other bloggers to take part. I tag Deborah from Super Busy Mum, Hayley from Sparkles & Stretchmarks and James from Daddy Space.

2 comments on "#BudgetBucketList with MoneySupermarket"
  1. I've been to New York, Chicago and Boston! All such fab places! You must go someday.

    Great list. Good luck!

  2. I'm hoping to, Mary! Thank you.