Monday 29 July 2013

Date Night

Chris and I have been together for almost 4 years (sometimes I can't believe it's been that long!). I was 17 when we first met and when I turned 18, went to uni and moved in together we started going out for meals, to bars or to the cinema. Nowhere extravagant, just the occasional dinner at places like TGI Fridays or Chiquito. We really took this for granted and I've missed meals out since C was born.

On Thursday, we ventured out with C in tow. I'm still not used to leaving him so I wanted to bring him with us. We had four possible places in mind; Chiquito, Pizza Express, Frankie & Benny's or Spur Steak & Grill. We ended up in TGI Fridays, haha.

When we arrived, we were seated and C was asleep in his pram. We ordered our food and then he woke up. I got a highchair for him and he had a nosey about at all the lights and shook his rattle, banging it off the table. 

After a little bit of a wait, mine and Chris's meals came out. I had the Ultimate Southwest burger and Chris had the Ultimate Bacon Cheese Burger (yum!). At this point, C started leaning over the table trying to grab our food and crying because he couldn't have any. His mash then came out (the waiter was lovely and brought us a teaspoon as he assumed the mash was for C) and because I had to blow on it to cool it down, he had another cry. Whilst eating his mash, he still tried to get at our food. In the end, Chris had to give him some chips on a plate for him to pick up and eat himself. The whole way through eating them, he whinged.

We quickly ate our meals whilst trying to calm C down. His next tantrum came when he tried to put his chip down his straw and Chris told him 'no'. Everything felt very rushed as we were so focused on C and how he may be irritating other customers, which is a shame because the food and service was fantastic.

I definitely think in future, we either won't go out or I may have to reluctantly leave him behind :(

Have you ever had testing meals with your children?

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  1. Sean & I have went out loads of times with Miss belle in tow. When she was super little, it was easy as she'd sleep the whole way through. Now she's a little older, we've only had one occasion {in China Buffet King} were she was just in a grump, so that wasn't a pleasant meal. However that's been the only time. I'm excited for her to join us at dinner when she can eat finger foods!

    I'd try him again, could've been a one off. ;)

  2. That's true! He's so loud though. I worry he's annoying people lol! x

  3. I love taking my daughter out for meals, she's now 4 and sometimes if shes feeling in a cheeky mood decides to take a trip under the table!! Then you get the people that like to stare at you as if your the worst parent ever! I don't take any notice anymore, most places are child friendly now :)

  4. Emily, I actually took him to Cosmo today with my friend and he was the most well-behaved child ever! Haha, I think he was maybe having a bad day! x

  5. Aww maybe it was a bad day. Always worth a second try!!!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  6. You wont be annoying people, and if you are who cares! You and your family are also paying customers. Just relax and enjoy it more next time and if you really dont like it next time (please try again!) then use a baby sitter, I understand the anxiety, but he'll be fine. He'll be asleep in his cot for most of the time and is unlikely to even know you were gone!

  7. If you are in a family restaurant I think it's fine. You would be more bothered than anyone else. How else do chldren learn to behave in restaurants if you never take them to them? Nice post - popping over from mad midweek bloghop

  8. Aw, they are still testing as they get older, I sometimes have to nag my 6 year old to eat her food or tell my girls to stop arguing so loud etc
    I think you should forget what other people are thinking if its a family place then there are going to be kids and noise.
    I would say keep going out and dont worry about

    (I popped over from the mad midweek blog hop) x

  9. I think we have all been there. I would say keep going out, and don't worry about what anyone else thinks!

  10. Yeah seriously don't worry! i'm one of those mums who has the screaming child trying to escape the high chair EVERYTIME! I've just grown to being use to it and i would be housebound if i worried about what other people thought! It doesn't matter how much you try and calm him down, he's loving the attention good or bad....I use to take Alfie outside for a few minutes to calm him....he soon got the gist, crying = stint in his buggy! only worked when he was 1 year! still up to his old tricks now and he's 2.5 ha!

  11. Before we used to go out on our own we used to just wait until the kids were asleep to eat.

  12. Hahaha.hubby and i used to go till baby was around 9 months. And even with that we had to eat in turns .he wud eat first and id carry him then ill eat and he'll hold him.i really miss going out with hubby alone for some ice cream or something :'(