Monday 8 July 2013

Possibility of a Hip Splint

Back when we took C for his first jabs he was also given a quick examination (the GP administered the jabs so decided to do a check too). He asked if C was breech and I didn't know. He was born via Caesarean section and I was never told. I was then asked if there were any hip or leg problems in mine or Chris's families. My dad had Perthes' Disease where the top of the thigh bone softens and breaks down. He spent 18 months in hospital because of it. I let the GP know even though I knew that it wasn't a hereditary disease but he recommended that C go for a hip scan as he had an extra crease in one of his thighs.

We waited over a month to be seen, worried in that time about C putting any weight on his legs. I was so nervous. My tiny baby going for an x-ray. It was fine though. I stood behind the screen with the doctor and Chris put on a special robe, lay C down with his trousers and nappy off and stood with him in case he rolled anywhere.

We got C dressed and were told to wait in the waiting area. C, at this point, thought that it was great that he was in a place where there were lots of people and decided to shout at everyone.

A nurse came out and told us what we could expect if C needed a hip splint. He would need to wear it for about 20 hours a day then we were shown possible splints. I couldn't believe it. I was expecting them to be very modern but these looked like Victorian medical devices. One even had a metal bar sticking out the side which had to be measured to see if it would fit in the car seat!

Another nurse came back with the results. The angle of his hip was only slightly off and it could just be possible that the cause was the way he was lying or if not, it could repair itself without the need of a splint. I was relieved. No faffing about with that thing! Phew!

Have any of you ever had experiences with splints? Let me know!
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  1. Wow...I'm sure that was pretty scary. Thankful his wee hip is only slightly off and all being well it'll correct itself. What a funny little man shouting at everyone though! xx