Wednesday 3 July 2013

Changing to Cloth Nappies

Back in April, 4 Manchester Women hosted a competition during Real Nappy Week. Eve from Baba + Boo was offering the winner 3 cloth nappies. I wasn't the winner, but I had posted in a comment that I'd wanted to use cloth, but I had never given it enough thought and research. Eve very kindly sent me a cloth nappy to try out.

I received the Moo nappy with 2 microfibre inserts. 

I always thought that you had to buy disposable inserts but that's not the case! As these are microfibre, they can be washed and reused too!
I couldn't wait to try it. I first put it on C in the middle of the day for 2.5 hours (it's suggested that 1 liner can be used for 2-3 hours, but you can use both liners for up to 6 hours). At first, the buttons were a little bit confusing but with a little playing about, I got it fitted properly. We had no leaks whatsoever and I was really shocked at how easy it was!

I put it straight in the wash and have been using it once every day for the past four days. I can't believe I was so scared to use them before. I've definitely been converted and I'm hoping to now build up my cloth nappy stash so I can get rid of disposables for good!

(Disclaimer: I did receive this nappy free of charge but I was not required to write a review. I wanted to share my thoughts with my readers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

2 comments on "Changing to Cloth Nappies"
  1. Aah the moo nappy is so cute. Caleb wears his so well! Ours has just been washed, will be ready for the morning! Ha..I'm surprised myself at so easy they are to use. What were we so afraid of!! lol x

  2. I know, right!? Is it sad that I feel like crying because I know that there's no chance that the postie will have more for me tomorrow? lol! x