Saturday 13 July 2013

C's First Trip to the Beach

On Tuesday (9th July), we decided to go on a family day out. We hardly ever get good weather in Northern Ireland and we rarely have a full week together as a family (Chris had the week off). We chose to go to the beach, Portrush to be exact.

What is this? A train!?

We hopped on the train and everyone must have had the same idea as us. The pushchair area was full so Chris had to stand with the pram at the doors whilst C and I sat down. The journey was 1 hour and 45 mins....of HELL. It was absolutely packed and really hot. People were squeezing about everywhere and C was getting tired. He eventually fell asleep sitting upright on my knee.

We finally arrived in Portrush. We bought a ball and bucket and spade and headed for the beach. C had a little snack of raspberries and blackberries then we changed him into his swimming costume.

I brought him down the water which he seemed to enjoy the first time but then had a cry the second time! I don't have any photos of this as Chris had to stay with the pram and I didn't fancy bringing my phone down!

It was such a great day and C had lots of fun playing with his bucket and spade....until he fell face first into the sand! He cried his little heart out (mummy and daddy had a bit of a giggle which seemed to upset him more!). He looked like an ice cream that had been dipped in hundreds and thousands!

We then went for a chippy tea - a great day all round! Well, except for me being left with this!:

Have you taken your little ones to the beach this summer?

5 comments on "C's First Trip to the Beach"
  1. Ohh no! Sunburn!! Hope it's not as sore as it looks!!
    Looks like you had a lovely day at the beach x

  2. We had a great day! And the sunburn is just a bit itchy rather than sore! x

  3. Ooh that looks sore!

    We took ours to the beach today. We're very lucky that we're only 15 minutes drive to our nearest beach.

    The trouble is I always end up covering the children in factor 30, but forgetting to do myself!

  4. Looks like you all had a wonderful time, apart from the sunburn! You have such a gorgeous little boy =D We're taking our little girl (7 and half months) to the beach for the first time on sunday. Brilliant post x

  5. eekk to sunburn, can totally sympathise there!! lovely pictures. popping by from the mad mid week blog hop x