Sunday 21 July 2013

I'm In Panic Mode - I Need Your Help

Today, C is ten months old. Two months until his first birthday...and we have nothing planned.

We automatically decided that we'd rent out a hall at a leisure centre and get things like a bouncy castle and painting station for the kids in our families but we haven't booked anything yet and now I'm starting to worry. Chris is very laid back about it all which I think is worrying me more. All I ever get is "I don't know". We really need to get our asses into gear and get something organised!

Now...presents. This is a toughie for me. C is our first child so we have no idea what to buy a one year old for their birthday! I'm thinking that most people with buy him musical/light-y stuff (am I right in thinking that?) so my ideas for gifts are:

A large Dumbo teddy from the Disney Store (£18)- I've already purchased this as he loves Dumbo and I couldn't resist. I think I've done well hiding it away til his birthday - proud of myself!

Big Dumbo next to C's current Little Dumbo

Mega Bloks First Builders - they had this in ASDA for £14.97 so I had to pick it up. I've heard a lot of good things about them so I hope he enjoys them!

A Smart-Trike - I've yet to buy this (thinking of getting it about 2 weeks before so it's not taking up lots of room for ages!). It seems like everybody's blogging about how amazing these trikes are. They look absolutely fantastic and I can just picture my happy little boy on one. At £75, they could be a great investment!

A wooden easy-grab puzzle (£5.99) - I think these look great and I love wooden toys. Just one of his small presents. It's recommended for 18 months but I think it would be alright.

Here's where you, my lovely readers, come in. What else could I get him? What has went down brilliantly at your children's first birthdays? And am I right in thinking that most people will buy musical/light-y toys such as Fisher Price or VTech?

4 comments on "I'm In Panic Mode - I Need Your Help"
  1. They are all lovely gift ideas! I saw the Dumbo in the Disney store and almost bought one myself!
    And the blocks and puzzles are fab. I haven't seen those trikes before they look cool!

    I don't think you can ever guess what people will buy, it depends on the person - I know some people who will buy books for a 1st birthday, some who'd buy clothes, some who'd buy teddies, some who'd buy light up or musical toys - could be anything really!

    I've already decided what to get Tyne as his main birthday gift for his birthday (ridiculous I know as he's only just 4 months, but in my defense its only because I was browsing for christmas gift ideas and saw something perfect for a first birthday!) - one of the teepees made to order in the fabric of your choice. Just For Tiny People on Facebook do super cute ones!

    As for the party, I think 2 months is enough time - I wouldnt panic yet!
    I have a childrens party business so if you need any tips, give me a shout lol

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  2. We got z a little trike for his first and he loves it even now. My sil got him an alphabet bus toy where it has all the letters on one side and numbers on the other. That's been a brilliant toy and he plays with it even now! Good luck part planning :)

  3. It's hard at that age isn't it! I would say don't go mad, they don't know and I think one really nice thing is better than lots of things they won't use. I think for our son we bought him a Smart Trike and then for his first Christmas a whole load of Happy Land things which have been used lots. I have no idea what to get my daughter for her first birthday in October so will be seeing what people tell you with interest!!

  4. Our little man has a smart trike and he loves it! :)