Tuesday 9 July 2013

What C Has Learnt This Week

Today, C is 9 months, 2 weeks and 4 days old (corrected age is 8 months and 2 days old). I really should have started these types of posts when he was just born but here goes! Better late than never.

This week C has learnt to:

Switch the Playstation on and off and press the eject button to get the disc. Looks like we'll have to find a new spot for it!

Chris has taught him to put his two hands up in the air when we say "Champion!!" Now he puts his hands up and waits for us to say it. All the time. It's never ending. He even wakes up doing it.

Shake his head to say 'no'. Sorry for the rubbish video - it's hard to catch him doing it!

I wonder what he'll pick up next!

9 comments on "What C Has Learnt This Week"
  1. It is amazing watching them learn so many new things all the time!

    Popping over from the Mad Mid-Week Blog Hop :)

  2. I'm with Miss Sparkles, the champion thing is INSANELY adorable. lol. I love his little shakey head to say no as well! Gosh they grow up far too quickly! xx

  3. OMG that is adorable! I love the arms in the air for Champion!!!

  4. Wow! He is so adorable :) Loved the "champion" thing :)

  5. He's so cute! Love the head shaking!!

    How early was he? Do you find that he's that far behind developmentally?
    I found with S it was difficult to tell, once she'd got to around 6 months, that there was any difference - except that she was a lot smaller than her peers. But she was only 5 weeks early x

  6. He was 7 weeks early, Vicky. He's almost 10 months now and isn't crawling (or even trying to) and is very wobbly. It does worry me a bit! Everything else is fine though. We were originally told that by 12 months that there would be no difference but at an 8 month check they told us that there already were no differences! x

  7. that's sooooo cute - my g was also a month early :) emma - blog hop x

  8. what a little cutie. Yep, he's got to the 'getting in to things' stage! Remember it well! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo xx