Wednesday 18 March 2015

E's Shoot with Shnuggle for their New Baby Bath

On Wednesday 4th March, E was invited along to Shnuggle's photoshoot of their brand new baby bath. We're based in Belfast so the office was a little bit away from us (plus we don't drive) but since reviewing their original baby bath and falling in love with it, I definitely wanted to be involved as I love the brand so much. After about an hours walk and 40 minute bus journey we finally arrived. 

E was all smiles with everyone before getting in the bath then she was more interested in trying to pick up bubbles and touch her toes which doesn't make for great photos. We tried all the tricks in the book - waving keys, playing peekaboo, playing music and we did get some nice ones! I'm just glad we had no vomiting or pooing in the bath! 

The original Shnuggle bath was suitable from birth to 6 months but with E's long legs she had outgrown it by about 5 months. It also had the wonderful Bum Bump which I honestly think all baths should now come with! 

The new bath is roomier and is suitable from birth to 12 months. The Bum Bump is still there - yay! - but it is moved forward so when your child's bottom gets a little bigger they'll still fit comfortably! I wrote in my original review that I dreaded E outgrowing her bath because I loved it so much so having one that will last a bit longer is the best news ever!

The original bath was made from foam but the new version is plastic but has a foam back to keep your babies little skin at a comfortable temperature. 

I cannot recommend the Shnuggle bath enough. If you've used a regular baby bath in the past, you'll know how awkward it is trying to hold your baby and wash them at the same time but the Shnuggle leaves both hands free for bathing!

The new Shnuggle bath will be available from May and it is priced at £20. You can pre-order them at the Shnuggle shop.

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