Thursday 19 March 2015

Diet Chef - Week 4

This week is the one I've been really excited for. To see how much weight I've lost through being on Diet Chef. Firstly, my meals for the week:

Breakfast: Chocolate Granola 

Lunch: Tomato Soup
Similarly to the last tomato soup, I really enjoyed it but couldn't see much of a difference. It was very filling. 

Dinner: Taka Dahl with white rice
This was just ok. I liked the strong flavours but it lacked substance for me. 

Snack: Dark Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuit
This was sweeter than I thought so I really enjoyed it.  

Breakfast: Porridge with Apple & Cinnamon 

Lunch: Oxtail Soup
This is a flavour that, in the past, the sound of put me off. It's really beefy and the kick of Worcester sauce was amazing. I will definitely buy it in future.

Dinner: Mushroom Stroganoff with Linguine 367cal

This wasn't amazing. I love mushrooms but I think it was a little overpowering for me!

Snack: Sweet & Salty Popcorn
This was full of flavour and very enjoyable. 


Breakfast: Original Muesli Bar

Lunch: Chicken Mulligatawny Soup
I'd always seen this flavour around but never knew what exactly it was. The curry smell is very strong but I loved it. A new favourite flavour of soup for me.

Dinner: Beef Stew
The beef was a little tough but not inedible. The vegetables however were lovely and it was great flavour all round. 

Snack: Oat Bar with Strawberry & Apple

I'm not a fan of oats but the fruit flavour covered that so it wasn't too bad. 


Breakfast: Fruit & Oat Soft Cookie 

Lunch: Minestrone Soup
I love minestrone soup and there was no difference with this one. The pasta made it filling and like the other soups it was packed with veg. 

Dinner: Beef Rogan Josh with naan
I really enjoyed the beef tonight and the flavour was similar to my usual Indian takeway. 

Snack: Oat Bar with Chocolate

Breakfast: Chocolate Soft Cookie

Lunch: Spicy Tomato & Beef Soup
This is the best combination ever. It did have a kick but I love hot food so this was welcomed. I loved the huge chucks of carrot. 

Dinner: Cottage Pie
I loved this so much that I could eat it over and over again. The mash was perfect. In fact, it was all perfect. 

Snack: Cheese & Onion Bakes


Breakfast: Treacle & Pecan Granola 

Lunch: Chocolate Milkshake 

Dinner: Chicken Korma
I would have liked it a bit stronger but I know a korma is usually mild anyway. I wasn't a huge fan of the chicken. 

Snack: Mixed Berries Oat Biscuits

These were nice and very sweet. You wouldn't even think they would be suitable for a diet!


Breakfast: Porridge with Strawberries 

Lunch: Lentil & Vegetable Soup 
I love a good hearty veg soup and this didn't let me down. I definitely saved the best until last. 

Dinner: Chilli con Carne
This was quite hot and the meat and flavours were perfect. 

Snack: Salted Pretzel Sticks

Now for the moment of truth. I lost a total of...




I think this is quite amazing for only four weeks. I did enjoy the Diet Chef experience but I don't think I could do it as a long-term thing as I did feel that I craved a lot of "normal" foods.

If you want to sign up to Diet Chef you can find their website here and their plans and prices here.

(Disclaimer: I received a four week Diet Chef plan for free to try and write about my findings. All thoughts and opinions are my own).

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  1. Wow you have done amazingly well! I don't think I could have done it!