Friday 6 March 2015

Inside my Safestore Memory Capsule #safestoreyourmemories

I am a sucker when it comes to sentimental items. I keep everything because everything I own holds a memory for me. 

Safestore sent me out one of their small archive boxes for me to turn into my very own Memory Capsule and I knew I'd have no trouble choosing what to go in it. Chris and the children mean the world to me so it focuses on them.

I've included in my memory capsule:

A 'My First Year with Daddy' photo album.
I made this to Chris from C for his first Father's Day. Inside are tons of photos of the two of them together such as Daddy's first time bathing or feeding C along with the dates and times.

C's first photo album.
This photo was gifted to C from his great-grandparents and I've filled it with photos of the first 6 months of his life including dates and times.

A photobook of our first family photoshoot.
We went for a professional photoshoot when C was two months old and sadly, it's the only one he's had (I really must book another one!) I love the photographs because we're all together and they aren't just selfies!

A gold bracelet.
My late grandfather actually made me this bracelet. I wore it as a child and so did C. E will probably wear it too when she is a bit chubbier!

My children's 'coming home from hospital' outfits.
These had to be included. No one ever throws these out, right? C was 7 weeks premature and it's crazy how small they are in comparison to E's babygrow and jacket.

C in his teeny outfit coming home from hospital.

Baby clothes.
The grey dinosaur all-in-one is in here because it was the first outfit C was dressed in when he moved from his incubator in NICU to a "hot cot" in SCBU.
The "I love Daddy" is one that I bought for Chris on Father's Day when I was pregnant with C. Both children have worn it.

Teeny C in his dinosaur gro.

C (18 weeks) and E (5 weeks) in the I love Daddy sleepsuit.

C and E's first Christmas jumpers.
I love Christmas and I love making the kids first ever Christmases special even though they'll never remember them.

In a similar vein, I've included C's 'My First Christmas' pillow, bauble and booties as well as our Christmas card to him.

I don't keep all my cards otherwise I'd be hoarding but I have included a special few; our 1st birthday card for C, one of C's 1st birthday invitations, Chris's first Father's Day card, Chris's first birthday card from C, a postcard I sent from Lanzarote to Chris the first time I holidayed away from him, the first Valentine's cards we sent each other and the first Christmas card my parents sent Chris.

I made this card for Chris when I was 17 for his birthday. His birthday falls on Valentine's Day hence the "Birthentines"!

The first Valentine's gifts we sent each other.

Cinema tickets and concert tickets.
Before we had children we were always out at the weekend with our favourite things to do being seeing new movies or bands play. We haven't been to the cinema since I was pregnant with C and haven't seen a band since before that! We do have tickets to see Dropkick Murphys in Dublin on St Patrick's Day and they are actually the first band we saw together!

What would you include in your memory capsule?

*This is my entry to Safestore's #SafestoreYourMemories competition.

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  1. Great idea. I am the same. I keep so much stuff that I don't have the space anymore.