Sunday 23 August 2015

C at 35 Months

In a months time, I'm going to have a three year old. What!? How did that happen?

C has transformed from a toddler to a child before my eyes. His speech is amazing and he has full scale conversations with us. This month he was able to tell us all about Christmas. He said he wanted snow and a Christmas tree. He also said we needed decorations and a cake so I think he thinks it's Santa's birthday! He's getting smarter by the day too. He can count to 20, he knows all his colours and shapes - even pentagon and hexagon! Role-playing Doctors and cowboys is his favourite thing to do. As he's getting older, he likes to do puzzles and he picks up his books and tells his own little stories just by looking at the pictures. We have been taking him out without his buggy most days. He is quite tall so he looks like he's far too old to be in one. He is starting to walk well and doesn't kick up too much of a fuss. He does however ask daddy to carry him on his shoulders a lot! We've taken C to the museum in his buggy a few times but we went without and he absolutely loved being able to run around and see everything properly. 

His relationship with his little sister is the cutest. He always says she very tiny and sweet and loved giving her kisses and hugs. Sometimes though, he just wants to play by himself so when E is annoying him he'll tell me to either feed the baby or put her to bed just so he can get some time to himself! I had originally planned to write here how much he loves Choco, my parents' rabbit. He was always over feeding him, petting him and telling him to eat and drink up. Unfortunately last week, Choco went to bunny heaven so C had his first experience of death. He doesn't quite understand why he isn't there anymore and I'm sure he'll keep asking about him. A few days before he died, C was telling me that he loved him. It broke my heart at the thought of telling him but he took it quite well.

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