Monday 10 August 2015

Look in my Letterbox #18

I'm getting later and later with these posts - oops! Here's what came through my letterbox this week. You can join up with the Look in my Letterbox every Saturday with Alice-Megan!

Adult colouring books
I won these from Orion Publishing on Twitter. It seems like everyone is doing the adult colouring books so I wanted to join in, spotted this competition and won. It is quite fun!

I won this bow in a game of tag on Instagram with littleloveliesbyjo

Craft bundle
I won this from the Anker group on Twitter. C will get so much enjoyment from them.

Roald Dahl cushion 
I won this from the lovely Belle du Brighton. It will be beautiful in C's reading nook.

I won these for E in a game of tag on Instagram from this_mummy_makes. They're gorgeous!

Bow headband
I won this in an Instagram competition from emilies_bowtique

I like to Squeak!
 I work with Little Tiger Press on book reviews. Both C and E are loving this!


Washing powder scoop

Bundle from PR company
I did a quick post for a PR company that I work with quite a lot and they sent me this little parcel as a thanks :)

Did you receive anything nice last week?

4 comments on "Look in my Letterbox #18"
  1. I love looking at all of your little wins. :D

    I do adult colouring too and it's such a stress-buster!

  2. Congrats on the wins! :) I just got an adult colouring book for my birthday and have been giving it a go - I don't think I have as much patience as I did as a kid though. I haven't finished a page yet!

  3. That cushion is amazing! I've had my eye on a Matilda one for a while now
    Thanks for linking up with #LIML even if you are late ;)