Wednesday 19 August 2015

Siblings: August 2015

This month, C has been very frustrated with E. She can crawl quickly and is now pulling herself up on things. When C is playing with toys, E is straight over trying to play too. Sometimes C just isn't in the mood so he'll ask me to feed the baby or put her to bed just because he doesn't want to play.

E is copying everything that C does. A few weeks ago, C thought it would be funny to slide his palms down the patio door at my parents house because it makes a squeaky noise. Two minutes later, E was over doing the exact same thing. 

They do love to have fun together. When E is crying, C lets me know and he always tries to do a funny dance to make her laugh. It works most times! He also loves trying to get her to chase him so he'll run to one side of the room, E will crawl after him then he'll run to the other side. This can go on for quite a while and they both laugh so much. 

C loves his baby sister so much. He always tells me that she's cute and very sweet. They love having cuddles in the morning. 

dear beautiful

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