Tuesday 4 August 2015

Me & Mine - July 2015

I'm so, so late with this post - sorry! I'm really rubbish at keeping up and my photography skills are awful and definitely not on par with some of the wonderful photos of other families. I must try harder and not leave it until the last minute to snap one - it's blooming impossible with two kids who won't sit still for a second. 

I struggle writing these posts. Chris works a lot and only really has evenings at home with us and the kids so we can't do an awful lot unless it's on a day off as we don't have much time to get out and about. It's hard but it must be done. 

This month we've suddenly seemed to have two toddlers! E is approaching we months now and both babies love to creat a mess and generally tire mummy and daddy out but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

I had so much that I wanted to do this summer but Northern Ireland weather has put a downer on it. How can it rain so much in JULY!? 

Next month, my babies turn 1 and 3 so I have been trying to panic buy at the last minute. How have I almost been a mummy for three years?

This month daddy is loving:
Playing his playstation when the kids are in bed
Starting his own blog
Cuddles, kisses and bath and bedtimes with the kids after work

This month mummy is loving:
Spending a little too much money on the children
Listening to music again
Re watching Gossip Girl on Netflix when the kids and Chris have gone to bed!

This month C is loving:
Being woken up by his little sister and giving her cuddles
Visiting grandad 
The Twirlywoos

This month E is loving:
Teaching herself to walk (she can cruise the sofa)
Stealing her big brothers toys
Tasting new foods 

Next month is birthday month and I can't wait to write all about it!

dear beautiful
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