Monday 3 August 2015

What I've Won: July 2015

July was a really great month for me. I had lots of little wins but all ones that I love and will get used.

1) Miffy book (RRP £3.79) from Miffy UK
This is so cute and I have kept it for E's birthday.

2) milkshake! magazine (RRP £3.49) from Two Little Paines
C loves magazines (especially the free toys!) so I was so chuffed to win this for him.

3) Top (RRP £6.00) from dottyaboutpoppyx
This is a handmade top for E but I haven't received it yet. I'm really excited and I know it will be just beautiful.

4) Bow (RRP £4.00) from little_liv_co
This is another one that I haven't yet received but her bows are gorgeous and I can't wait to see what we get!

5) Knee high socks (RRP £4.50) from iylas_closet
I won these in a game of tag - how cute!

6) Reusable sanitary towel (RRP £6.00) from KTBoo Baby
I'd heard so many people raving about these so entered the giveaway when I spotted it and won!

7) Case of juice (RRP £18.00) from Bensons Totally Fruity
C was so chuffed with these - they are really tasty!

8) Felt rose clips (RRP £6.49) from roaringstitches
These were an Instagram win. I love hair accessories for E and these little roses are adorable.

9) Toothpaste (RRP £6.99) from Pearl Drops
This was a Facebook 'like and comment' win. I've not yet received it but we do like Pearl Drops so it's a handy win!

10) Bow (RRP £2.00) from all_sweet_things
I won this in a game of tag and it was surprise as to which colour I'd get.

11) Bow (RRP £2.00) from vanellopes_bows_boutique
This was another tag win on Instagram. I love E in red so I was so pleased.

12) Twirlywoos headbands from Twirlywoos 
Both C and E absolutely love the Twirlywoos and as soon as they come on TV, they are straight over to the TV watching. They both adore these headbands and have worn them loads!

13) Cubbie blankie (RRP £13.00) from Teds and Threads
How cute is this!? This was a Facebook competition win. E adores it.

14) £5 off at girliegarments
I won £5 off my purchase at girliegarments Instagram boutique. I ordered E's birthday outfit (which has since arrived) but I don't want to spoil it by posting pics just yet!

15) Powerful water from powerfulwaterco
I won some of this "sparkling natural energy water" in an Instagram giveaway. It hasn't arrived yet and I've never tried it before so I'm eager to see what it's like!

16) Blink band (RRP £5.99) from 50 Fifty Gifts
50 Fifty Gifts had a few hundred of these to give away and I won one!

17) Two headwraps (RRP £9.00) from this_mummy_makes
 I won these in a game of tag and can't wait to get them. I love handmade bits for E as no one else really has them!

18) Bow (RRP £2.00) from beccasbowtiquex
Yep - another tag win!

19) First Friends magazine (RRP £2.99) from Life As Mum
Yay! Another magazine for C. He absolutely loves the teaset and is always pouring me cups of tea.

20) Bow (RRP £4.00)  from leahannboutique
I won this bow in a game of tag. It is absolutely massive but I love it and it is such a lovely colour.

21) Handmade plaque (RRP £5.00) from _handmade_gifts 
How cute is this!? This was an Instagram win. I love bits like this for around the house.

22) Polka dress (RRP £29.99) from Carolina dress room
I have been entering the competitions on their Facebook page for ages and I can't believe I actually won one! It is so beautiful too. Can't wait to get it.

23) Jacket (RRP £32.00) from Wallis
This is another competition I have been entering for ages - Wallis Wednesday on Twitter! I finally won and bagged myself a gorgeous black jacket.

24) Adult colouring books and pencils (RRP £14.97) from Orion Publishing
Everyone is doing adult colouring these days so I can't wait to give these a go!

July saw me win 24 prizes worth £182.20!

Did you win anything nice this month?

2 comments on "What I've Won: July 2015"
  1. Oh my goodness. Jealous! I enter competitions every day and I'm chuffed if I win one thing in a month. Can you give me some of your luck please? haha

  2. Wow! What an awesome month July was!

    You do so well with Instagram competitions. I can never find them to enter them! Haha.

    Well done, Rebecca. :D