Thursday 23 October 2014

C's 2 Year & E's 6-9 Week Checks

Today, we had the Health Visitor call out along with a student. They did both the kids development checks and I am so proud of both of them.

Firstly, C's 2 year check. I've made no secret about the fact that I was worried about his speech for a while then about 3/4 months ago, he suddenly picked up on loads at once. The student health visitor had a box of toys and began to play with C. She had stacking cups; which he was able to use correctly, a book in which he was able to identify some objects in the pictures, a puzzle which he was able to do easily, a teddy and a toy hairbrush. C thought it was a toothbrush and pretended to brush his teeth haha! He chattered away too and kept getting his own toys and telling her what they were. She had no problems at all with his speech and development. He refused to get on the scales to get weighed and he was too tall for her height chart!

Now for E's 6-9 week check. The HV listened to my concerns about reflux and agreed that it does sound like that's what she has. I've been advised to go to my GP and ask for a prescription for Carobel. C was on Carobel too for his reflux and it worked well so hopefully it will settle E too. Her height was measured and she is 57cm (she was 49cm at birth) and now weighs 11lbs 2oz, exactly 4lbs heavier than her birth weight! She is on the 75th centime for her height, weight and head circumference. 

So proud of both my babies!

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