Friday 17 October 2014

E at 6 Weeks

How is E six weeks old already!?

There hasn't really been much change this week. 

She is smiling more and more and has started gurgling and cooing which is really cute. 

She's now in 0-3 month clothing but they are still a bit baggy at the feet. First size/newborn squish her toes up. 

She is still taking 5oz every 4 hours during the day but she goes a bit longer between feeds at night. Last night she slept from 1.30am-7.45am. Lucky us!
She is still screaming bloody murder constantly. I can't wait to see the HV to get this colic/reflux sorted. She only ever wants to be in our arms which obviously we can't do with us having a toddler too!

1 comment on "E at 6 Weeks"
  1. Like you we also have a toddler well 3 year old. Little bubba also wants picking up all the time and its so hard having a 3 year old wanting my attention and a baby. So totally know how you feel. Luckly my little man goes nursery 2 days a week so it gives me a much needed break.