Friday 3 October 2014

E at 4 Weeks

I cannot believe that E is 4 weeks old already. 4 weeks really drags during pregnancy but goes too quickly when the baby is here.

She is still really fussy when it comes to drinking her milk. She takes 5oz of hungry baby milk which I think is far too much and I think she has all the signs of reflux so I'll need to speak to the health visitor about that. 

She is still awake for a large portion of the day but we do get some playtime with her which is lovely. She loves looking around her although I'm not sure how much she can see right now. 

She is still wearing First Size/Newborn/Tiny Baby clothing but they are getting a little tight now. I will need to move her up soon. She has gone up to size 2 nappies though!

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