Tuesday 28 October 2014

Baker Ross Christmas Crafts

Back in August, I posted that we had become Baker Ross bloggers and C loved the box of crafts and toys that he was sent. 

Last month, we received a second box. It took us a while to actually get round to using them. Having a newborn baby with colic & reflux didn't give us a lot of crafting time but we've finally given them a go!

This box included:

I did feel as though most of these crafts were a bit too old for his age but Chris as I secretly (not so secret anymore!) enjoyed using them! 

C loved the star and Christmas pudding stickers because he was able to use them by himself, with my help removing the backs of course. 

We also let him have a go with the ceramic owls and glitter pens. The pens are easy to use. There is no ink in the nib  to begin with but you just need to shake the pen vigorously for 1-2 mins then press the nib down on a piece of paper until the ink starts to come through. C had lots of fun decorating his owl and so did Chris!

I had a go with the Christmas sewing kits and they were a lot of fun. The holes are ready to thread your needles through and the needles itself is plastic so perfect for a young child who is just learning to sew. You can stick parts like Santa's beard and Rudolphs nose on to complete the image. C obviously had trouble sewing but he liked sticking the stickers on and enjoyed me making the hand puppets "speak" to him. 

The blank reindeer cards are really fun and simple. The body and head of the reindeer are ready to pop out, colour and glue together. I did a fun reindeer face and hooves on mine but C did quite "get" it, haha! These will be fab as handmade cards to send to family as they come with envelopes too!

The sequin decoration kits were even a bit tough for me if I'm honest! It was easy enough to stick the foam bits down but putting the sequins in stumped me at first. You need to put the plastic pins in the hole of the sequin and push them really hard into the polystyrene. I got a bit lost with the design but I don't think it ended up too badly! Can't wait to hang them on our tree this year. 

I love, love, LOVE the foam card kits. I did have to show C where to stick all the bits (okay, I did most of it!) but they are so simple for children to copy the pictures on the instructions and I think they look really fancy and pretty!

C loves to craft and draw so he really enjoyed all of the bits in this box (as did I). I feel that they would be great for kids maybe 3+.

You can find out more about Baker Ross at their website, Facebook & Twitter.

(Disclaimer: We received these items free of charge in exchange for and open and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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