Wednesday 22 October 2014

6 Week Postpartum Check

Today, I had my 6 week check with my GP. I can't remember going for one with C, knowing me I probably never made an appointment for one, so I wasn't sure of what it would entail.

She asked me how I felt and if I had enough support around me, if I was sleeping and eating well and generally how my mood was. I told that everything was fine and she commented that I seemed quite chirpy. I am genuinely happy and don't feel that I am at risk of PND. Sometimes I do have days where looking after 2 children by myself is tough but it passes. 

She had a feel of my uterus and it has completely gone back down. I was asked if I was wanting my stitches checked and although I was quite embarrassed, I sad yes. I still feel quite tender so I wanted to make sure that there was no infection. The stitches are dissolved completely but I am still red, swollen and inflamed. She said it looks completely normal but I just need to ride it out. It takes some people longer than others to heal. 

My blood pressure is back to normal (yay!) and I am 10st. One more to lose until pre-pregnancy weight and one more til my ideal weight. She did say that I didn't look like I'd just had a baby which was a huge compliment. I was also advised to get my iron levels checked with a nurse next week to see if they have risen, especially as I still have postpartum bleeding.

We spoke about contraception and was told that I couldn't have a coil fitted until 3 months after birth, I didn't really like the idea of the implant so my final option was the pill. I was on Cilest when I was a teenager but because it's not recommended if you've had previous blood pressure problems, that was ruled out. We decided on Cerelle. She said that I take it every single day, not like Cilest where you skip a week and that I will either have normal periods, bleed all the time or have no periods. I'm really hoping that it's the latter!

1 comment on "6 Week Postpartum Check"
  1. It sounds like everything is going great which is fantastic!
    I have the implant in and bleed once in a blue moon....I think the last time I did was about 6 months ago and it only lasts a day or so....Good luck x