Wednesday 1 October 2014

What I've Won: Sept 2014

I did pretty well when it came to competitions in September even though I didn't enter much with having a newborn in the house!

In September, I won:

1) Go-Glow Spider-Man (RRP £24.99) from The Good Life Mum

2) Something Special Mr Tumble's Spotty Stickers book (RRP £4.99) from Egmont Publishing

3) Diablo 3 for PS4 (RRP £44.99) from CVG

4) £150 to spend at Sunuva from Berice Baby

5) Newborn baby girl socks (RRP £10.50) from Precious Little Worlds

6) Easybelt (RRP £5.00) from Coming from Carson's mummy

So September's prizes have totalled £240.47 - amazing! I'm hoping the next couple of months are good as I am comping for Christmas!

How did you do in September?

2 comments on "What I've Won: Sept 2014"
  1. Well done you!!
    I've won a few board games, kids clothes and that's about it. lol Better than nothing.

  2. Well done, that's great. I won a furby!