Monday 27 October 2014

Primark, H&M & Mothercare Haul

I really begrudge spending money on myself, especially when I have the kids to think of. After giving birth to E and being at that weird in-between weight/shape I desperately needed some new items for my wardrobe so thought I'd treat myself. Of course, the kids got bought a few little things too so I thought I'd share my purchases in case anyone else likes them and fancies buying them themselves!
Everyone needs a thick jumper for winter! I saw this online last night and had to buy it today. It's also available in brown, pink, red and white.

I love the treggings, so much so that I needed two pairs. They can be worn all year round which is a huge bonus. They are also available in light denim blue, denim blue, petrol, mustard yellow and red.

Fairisle double duvet cover £16 / Knickers £2.50 each / Lace t-shirt bra £3 / Batman t-shirt £6

How cute is that duvet cover!? I'm so excited for Christmas coming that I want to put it on now. It's not too early, right? They have matching throws and cushions too. I may have to pop back!

I hardly ever buy myself underwear but I spotted these gorgeous Batman, Wonder Woman and Mickey Mouse ones at only £2.50 each and couldn't pass them up!

I've gone up a bra size since having E - hurrah - so I purchased this beautiful lace one to add to my new collection. Red is always a winner!

I am a huge fan of my superheroes so of course the Batman t-shirt would end up in my basket! They sell a big fluffy Batman jumper for £16 too. Might go back for it!


C really needed a waterproof coat and wellies with the colder weather coming in and being in Northern Ireland it will probably rain every day! This way I can take him to splash in the puddles.

The pjs are from their Christmas range and they are quite thin. People probably want thicker pyjamas to keep their kids warm in the colder nights but C sweats a lot in his sleep so I thought that these would do him perfectly.

How adorable is the Daddy's Little Pudding set for E!? I have 4 outfits for her to wear over Christmas already. Everything is just so cute!

Lastly, I had to get her something for her first ever Christmas so I thought a stocking would be lovely. C had a first Christmas stocking too so it was only right! Mothercare sell so many First Christmas gifts so it's worth popping in if you have a baby!

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