Tuesday 3 February 2015

Body Piercings with Body Jewellery Shop

I love tattoos and piercings. Although I hate being the centre of attention, I also hate conformity. 

When I was young, around 6 years old, I begged and begged and begged my mum to take me to an ear piercing studio to get my first ever piercings. She took me as she had wanted to wait until I asked and understood what exactly it entailed. 

Fast-forward a few years and I stupidly took my earrings out and they closed over. I went to get them re-pierced and the gun got stuck in one of my ears. My ear burned red for a while after and I was traumatised. It didn't phase me too much though as at 14, my mum took me to get my navel pierced after months of begging. At 15, I got the right side of my lip pierced. Ever since, I've wanted many more piercings but I just haven't gotten round to it. A friend of mine did try to pierce my nose in my kitchen once but it was too painful and I chickened out!

One thing I love about piercings, is changing up the bars and rings. The Body Jewellery Shop have a fab range of jewellery perfect for all body piercings from ear piercing to eyebrows and industrials. I've always found that piercing shops in my town always stock generic bars and rings. I had no idea they could be girlie until I discovered the Body Jewellery Shop. 

Firstly, how adorable are these earrings? They are so delicate and the light reflects off them beautifully. They are made of silver, are a 1mm gauge with the stone being 5mm. They are an absolutely bargain at only £1.99 too! 

Next, I chose a labret and a ring for my lip piercing. These are the piercings that I find hard to "girlify". I was so surprised to see hearts incorporated into facial piercings. 

The labret is made from surgical steel and its available in four different lengths (10, 12, 6 or 8 mm). I opted for an 8mm length with a 1.2mm gauge (also available in 1.6mm) and it was perfect for me. I love how feminine it looks! Again, this was an amazing price - £2.99!

Finally, the lip ring. I struggle with pressure balls but this was just so cute that I knew I had to try it. I tried for about ten minutes to get the bloody thing in but with no luck (probably because I have long nails!) I had to enlist Chris's help. He got it in within seconds and I am never taking it out again. Not because it hurt but because I love it so much! This is just as feminine as the labret but the added diamant√© wins it for me. 

The ring is made from silver and surgical steel and its available in two gauges (1.2mm & 1.6mm) and three internal diameters (10, 12 & 8mm). I opted for 1.2mm x 10mm and it looks fab! This also has a lovely price tag of only £2.95.

The Body Jewellery Shop will definitely be my go-to for all things piercing related!

(Disclaimer: I received these items for the purpose of this post. All thoughts are my own.) 

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