Sunday 15 February 2015

Siblings: February 2015

I'm sounding like a bit of a broken record with my Siblings photos. 

I honestly didn't think that giving C a sibling would feel as amazing as it does. They truly are best friends and I hope that continues.

Every morning, the first thing C asks me is "baby?" I bring her to him and he's straight over hugging her and saying, "aww, my baby!"

He can be playing with his toys but he always takes time out when he feels like it to give E a cuddle. Although she is only little, I can tell that the feeling is mutual. C is the only person she will belly laugh at even if he isn't doing anything remotely funny. Her little legs kick like crazy when she sees him coming over to her. I know she gets frustrated that she can't play with him yet.

I can't wait to see them playing together happily.

dear beautiful

2 comments on "Siblings: February 2015"
  1. I have the same overwhelming feelings about siblings, I can't believe how much we debated about having another baby. I'm glad C loves having a little sister x

  2. Ha ha I am the same as you. I am always talking about my 2 and how close they are. Little Man absolutely dotes on Bubs. These 2 are such beauties. xx