Wednesday 4 February 2015

E is Weaning!

E will be 5 months old tomorrow. I had all intentions of waiting until 6 months and starting with baby led weaning but I ended up changing my mind and giving it a shot because I felt that she might be ready. Boy, was I right!

Firstly, we tried banana, simply because we had bananas in the kitchen! I mashed up with some of her milk and she absolutely loved it! Every time I held the spoon to her mouth her little tongue lapped it up and when I took it away her eyes followed me looking for it.

A few days later we tried sweet potato with some water. This was a huge hit. She gobbled it up and even shouted at me for more! 

I wanted to stick with vegetables first and introduce more fruits later so next we tried carrot. This didn't go down as well at the other two. She really did not want to eat it and turned her nose up but we'll try it again soon.

I'm so excited to introduce her to more textures and flavours!

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