Saturday 7 February 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Spider-Man Morphsuit

My boyfriend Chris is big into his superheroes, something that he has passed onto our son C. When he was just born, we bought him a Batman sleepsuit and his wardrobe has always contained superhero emblazoned clothing.
If you're looking for a Valentine's gift idea for your superhero-mad other half, look no further than Morphsuits!

Morphsuits stock a range of superhero suits and you can choose from Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America and Deadpool for a price of £40.99.

Chris opted for Spider-Man as that is C's favourite and we knew he'd love it. Size-wise, you go by height so 5"-5"4' (under 9.5st) would be medium, 5"4'-5"9' (under 11.5st) is large, 5"9'-6"1' (under 14st) is XL and 6"1'-6"9' (up to 18st) is XXL.

When it arrived in the post, Chris was like a kid at Christmas and without a minute to spare he was putting it on. The suit is 13% Spandex and he did say "God, this is tight!" (he went for a medium) whilst putting it on but once he had zipped it up, it was absolutely fine and comfortable. C was in awe and kept repeating "Spider-Man, Daddy!" Even now, he thinks his daddy is the real Spider-Man. The finish and detailing of the suit is absolutely amazing. You can tell that it is of high quality. Chris was initially a bit worried that he was "on show" but I reassured him that it was all in his head!

E is clearly surprised that Spider-Man was at our house!

Excuse the lack of clothes on C. I did say that Chris was eager to put it on - it was while I was getting the kids dressed!

As if the awesome suit isn't enough on it's own, it also works with augmented reality. On the palm of the suit is a square which can be scanned using the Zapper on the free Morphsuits app (available on iOS & Android). When scanned, Spidey shoots his web! Uber cool.

You can find out more about Morphsuits at their website and you can also follow them on Facebook & Twitter.

(Disclaimer: We received a Spider-Man Morphsuit for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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