Saturday 28 February 2015

Fun at Soft Play

I have always hated the idea of soft play and playgroups. I don't know what to say to other peoples children when they speak to me or making small talk with other parents. The fact that they are just so busy is the worst.

C is now 2 and a half. He needs to be able to play with other children so I decided to just forget about my awkwardness and bring him to soft play. The last time we went, C was around the same age E is now and because he wasn't even crawling yet it wasn't much fun. A child licked my arm that day too which definitely didn't help with my hatred for soft play centres.

A few days ago, armed with a long sleeved jumper, off we went. It automatically fell that Chris went off with C and I stayed with E. I took her to the Baby Area which is specifically for babies and crawlers. She had so much fun looking at herself in the mirror and having a nosey at the other kids whilst in the freestanding bouncer.

C had a ball. He was running around the soft play area although he did get a bit freaked out by the steep slide. He loved playing with the plastic house and ride on car. He had lots of fun pouring imaginary cups of tea and offering them out to other parents.

Only one child talked to me so it wasn't too stressful!

He bawled his eyes out when we had to leave so I think we'll definitely have to make soft play a regular thing!

Do your children enjoy going to soft play?

2 comments on "Fun at Soft Play"
  1. Abbie LOVES soft play! She runs around with the other kids and loves copying what they do! I didn't take her to playgroups as a baby either, not my kinda thing, I think we took her to soft play for the first time when she was walking, probably around 16 months I would guess, but she loves it and we try and go once or twice a week! :) x

  2. I definitely want to take Blake to one when he is older. I think its a great way to get little ones socializing.