Saturday 21 February 2015

C at 29 Months

I can't believe C is so close to being 2 and a half. How is that possible!?

This past month it's like someone has flicked a switch when it comes to speaking. He is engaging us in conversation rather than it being the other way around. He has become a bit picky with food but when he wants more he lets us know by asking.

He is so well-mannered lately and always says please and thank you.

We visited the zoo (which I'll write about in full next week). He has been before but this was the first time he really understood it. He loves animals so he was totally in his element.

C's tantrums can be pretty hard to deal with. I blame the 'terrible twos' but really he just doesn't like to be told what to do. He is extremely strong-willed and hates the thought of the word 'sorry'. I'm hoping he grows out of it as it's quite embarrassing in public!

My big boy is comfortably in 2-3 years clothing. My little premature baby!! He's really tall too and seems much older than he is.

His obsession with Peppa Pig has grown so I think I know what types of toys to buy for his birthday! He loves to draw, sing and dance which is something that I hope he never grows out of.

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