Thursday 22 August 2013

C at 11 months

I haven't done a development post in a while. I just want to jot down some new things that C has learnt to do since the last time I checked in.

Let's start with the biggie first - walking unaided! We were so lucky that we caught this on camera - see below! 

That video was taken last month. He's starting to walk more confidently now though. He's still a little bit wobbly so I'm not confident to let him down on his own. I do let him walk around with my hands hovering around him for a while every day.

He's starting to lean over in his walker and almost tips out so he's clearly getting too big for it so this means that I'm in limbo - argh!

He's also started to dance! The radio is constantly on at my dad's house and we realised that he was doing a funny bounce - dancing! His favourite song seems to be Avicii 'Wake Me Up' haha!

He seems to be trying to repeat sounds. I said 'yuck!' to him a few days ago and he was killing himself laughing at it. I was showing my mother in law today and he started trying to say it too! It's more "cccck" but still!

I wonder what next month will bring!

5 comments on "C at 11 months"
  1. Aw, he's so cute! Dex is almost 9 months and just loves to stand up. He's started being able to take steps with Sam holding his hands. Where has my baby gone?!

  2. It's crazy, Anni! I still remember bringing him home from hospital like it was yesterday!

  3. He is one of the most beautiful little boys, those curls that he has are adorable!

  4. Walking is such a massive step, what a clever little man #MMWBH

  5. Lovely videos, clever little boy x