Saturday 10 August 2013

Our Routine

C is now edging closer to one year old (gulp!) and I just thought it would be good to do a 'day in the life of us' post. So this is what we did yesterday (09/08/13).

C is a good sleeper. He takes after his mummy and daddy in this department. We do co-sleep (I've written about that here) and he loves being in with us. I'm not sure if it's the comfort or the reassurance that mummy and daddy are right beside him. Last night though, he spent the entire night in his cot!

At around 9am, he wakes us up. We're extremely lucky with this as I think I'd cry if he had us up at 6am every day! We come downstairs and he has a bottle. Perfect. Right on time for me to watch Jeremy Kyle (guilty pleasure). 

I then let him settle his tummy and have a run about in his walker. He loves it but I'm constantly saying, "No, don't touch that." He listens, which is great, but occasionally he will do a cheeky smile and continue to do what he isn't supposed to be doing! Recently, we've been trying to get him to walk, so I'll prop him up against the edge of the sofa, sit back and hold a toy in my hand to coax him to come towards. He has been taking a few steps *beams with pride*

By this point, it's breakfast time (11am). We change what he has daily as I don't want him to get bored (eg. bagel with creamed cheese, toast, weetabix, porridge & fruit get the idea).

Then, I get us both ready. Chris got paid yesterday so today, we went food shopping. C hates it. He hates being in his pram but it has to be done. We don't drive so the basket is essential for carrying our groceries.

C whined the whole time. We don't have a parent facing pram so I think he just gets annoyed that no one is talking to him. He would normally have lunch around this time but with us being in the supermarket, we left it. He fell asleep on the walk home. We got him back home (3pm) and he had a bottle then we called round to Chris's mums. She lives a 2 minute walk away so we go round when we can. He has playtime there with her and loves the attention.

At 5pm, we took him home and he had dinner. Today was fish fingers, spaghetti & sausages. Weird combination but daddy made it so we'll let that go! He ate every bit of it but was very sleepy as he'd been awake most of the day. At 6.30pm he got a bath and a bottle just before 7pm. 

He's currently conked out on the sofa. I'll bring him upstairs with me when I'm going to bed. I don't like him out of my sight! 

Do you have a routine or do you "go with the flow"?

3 comments on "Our Routine"
  1. We have a routine, but sometimes Miss Belle will grab that routine and fling it out the nearest window! Mostly she keeps to it though, thankfully! Great post! x

  2. It's so interesting to read about how other people do things! My routine was more relaxed with my first, but this time around we all need to be up, dressed & fed ready to leave the house for 8:30am to get Ethan to school! Love that your little man hasn't even got you up by that time!!! :- D

  3. Oh Alex, I love it! Inside I'm still a lazy 14 year old. I couldn't cope if he had me up at 6am! haha