Friday 30 August 2013

The Happy Badger has Paid me a Visit

A lovely little badger came to visit me this morning - The Appliances Online Happy Badger to be exact. He likes to go around and spread happiness to whoever deserves it by donating £50 to a charity of the bloggers choice.

The charity that I would love to help out is Tiny Life.

Tiny Life is the premature baby charity here in Northern Ireland. When C was in NICU/SCBU one of the nurses gave me a Tiny Life card and told me that we could give them a call if we needed help with a Moses basket or premature baby clothes or even if we just needed support as sometimes it can be hard to deal with the emotions and hurdles that you may need to get over with having a premature baby.

Tiny Life can also help out by loaning breast pumps to new mothers, offering home-based family support, running family support groups & baby massage classes and offering books and publications as obviously, you will want to know as much information as possible.

A regular donation to Tiny Life of £2 a week could:
  • Provide breast pump kits to enable 5 mums to express breast milk for their sick babies.
  • Fund a family activity session.
  • Fund a piece of sensory equipment.
  • Fund paediatric first aid training for a parent.
  • Fund specialised resource books on premature births.
I was lucky enough to not need the services from Tiny Life after C's birth but it is great to know that they would be there if I needed them and that they are doing so much for other families. They are very deserving of this £50 donation so a huge thank you must go to the Happy Badger!

If you run a blog and would like a visit from the Happy Badger yourself, please visit the website to contact him.

1 comment on "The Happy Badger has Paid me a Visit"
  1. What a fantastic charity to give the donation too. We love the Happy Badger xx