Wednesday 21 August 2013

What I've Learnt

Here we are. 21st August. C is officially 11 months old. I can't believe it. I'm so emotional right now. God knows what I'll be like this time next month!

I want to take this time to share some things that I've learnt in my first year of being mummy.

1) Your plans will change.
Everything from your birth plan to how you parent. I'd planned a water birth. I ended up having a Caesarean section. I planned on breastfeeding. His traumatic entrance didn't allow that. Over my dead body were we going to co-sleep...oops! My son would NEVER be eating rubbish food. He's had chocolate, Wotsits & processed food before.

2) You won't get a minute to yourself.
C absolutely exhausts me now that he's running about. I'm constantly needing to entertain him and if I need to pop to the loo quickly, I'd probably need to bring him as he's liable to hurt himself or touch something that he's not allowed to touch!

3) Forget about your beauty regime.

Before I had C, I'd never leave the house without making sure I looked decent. Now, I don't think I've used my hair straighteners since I was pregnant and I'm lucky if I get to wear eyeliner.

4) You'll be lucky if you can eat a hot meal.
If your child is anything like mine, as soon as you come in with a plate of food he'll run straight over and try to steal the food from it and when you say no, he'll throw a tantrum. And even if they're only teeny, you can almost guarantee that as soon as you plant your bum down they'll start crying for a feed or nappy change.

5) There is no better feeling in the world than looking at your child to have them smile at you with so much trust and love in their heart for you.

I wouldn't change what I am doing now for the world.

Is there anything that I've left out?
What would you add to my list?

7 comments on "What I've Learnt"
  1. You know motherhood can't really be described, you have to try it first to truly understand don't you & it sounds as if you have had a fire of baptism.
    Though there is nothing in the world more important than looking at our own beautiful children (for me specially when they are sleeping) x

  2. Definitely Sadie!
    People can give you all the advice in the world but you won't know what's right for you until you're doing it! x

  3. Great post!!
    Things sure do change when you have kids....
    Don't think I've eaten a hot meal for

  4. I miss wearing make up haha. You do get some of these things back as they get older tho I promise ;) x

  5. Lovely post - it's all worth it :-) #MMWBH

  6. Yep to those!

    Also, as a side note, Dex has the outfit in the second photo. :D