Tuesday 27 August 2013

Trendy Tuesday - Moustaches

I'm constantly buying C new clothes. I think it's become a bit of an obsession! I'm rubbish at styling myself but I take pride in making C look wonderful!

I am a fan of moustache motifs. I have a mug with a moustache on, clothing for myself with a mousache on and C has a dummy with, yep, you guessed it, a moustache on it.

This outfit is one of my favourites. The moustache motif with the braces make me give it a huge thumbs up.

The little shorts make it a perfect summer outfit matched with the stripes! I purchased the set from H&M a few weeks ago for a fab price of £7.99. You can purchase it on their website here and it's available in sizes from 4-6mths to 18-24mths.

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3 comments on "Trendy Tuesday - Moustaches"
  1. I love it, get to primark as they have a gorgeous moustache tee I featured it on a trendy tuesday a while back, it was only £2 too x

  2. Really LOVE this! Thank you for joining in :) we have loads of moustache themed stuff/clothes in our house! X