Monday 26 August 2013

Walkers 'Mighty Lights' Review

On a dreary Monday morning, we had a fab parcel arrive...a big box of crisps! It instantly cheered us up. 

Walkers had very kindly sent us three multipack bags of their new 'Mighty Lights' range in Lightly Salted, Cheese & Onion and Roast Chicken.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I only have an almost 1 year son so these crisps would probably not be suitable for him. I do however have an 11 year old sister, E, who was more than happy to be a taste tester!

She's one of those kids who will pick and play with their food, complain that she's not hungry or full up then five minutes later, will say, "Can I have a bar of chocolate/a bag of crisps/money for the shop?" ARGH!

She went straight for the roast chicken flavour and scoffed them down. I was then informed that they were "really, really lovely". Automatically, she reached for a second packet, Cheese & Onion, followed by a few Lightly Salted ones as by this point she had eaten too much! These both, according to her, were equally as nice.

She told me that her favourite thing about them is how flavoured they are and the fact that they are ridged - this makes them "less boring"!

From a parents point of view, these get a huge double thumbs up. Walkers Mighty Lights contain 30% less fat than standard crisps so even though E doesn't eat an awful lot of healthy foods, at least she's eating a healthier version of crisps.

They also:
  • contain no artificial colours or preservatives
  • contain no MSG
  • are a source of fibre
  • are suitable for vegetarians
  • are made from real potatoes
Due to these facts I, and I'm sure many other parents, would be very happy to include these at part of our children's school lunches. The kids will enjoy them and we know that they're as healthy as can be!

She was really excited when I told her that she could keep all of the crisps to put in her packed lunches at school. She starts secondary school in a few days and she is always complaining that her lunches are very repetitive so these will be a lovely change.

I tried these crisps myself and I must say, they really are delicious. I couldn't just eat one bag (bad, I know!). From previous experience, healthier crisps usually mean a compromise of flavour. This isn't the case with Walkers Mighty Lights. The taste is strong but not too much. Perfect, I'd say. They have a real crunchiness to them which is exactly what you want from a bag of crisps.

My mum, dad and partner all wanted to have a taste too and were all in agreement of how tasty they are. I definitely feel like they are a huge hit and will definitely be purchased in the future!

You can find out more about Walkers Mighty Lights at their website here
You can also find all the goings on in the world of Walkers on Facebook & Twitter.

(Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but does not influence the opinions stated in this review. All thoughts and opinions are open and honest.)

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