Thursday 29 August 2013

Today, I'm bringing you something that may seem a bit unusual for my blog. It isn't something that I'd normally write about but it's such a great cause that I feel like I have to share.

Recently, the website Donate Mobile has been brought to my attention. Everyone has a mobile phone. And the way things are nowadays, we're never off them! Donate Mobile have come up with an absolutely fantastic concept. How about you switch from your current mobile provider to Donate Mobile (they will match the price, whether you're with o2, Orange etc) BUT 10% of your bill will be paid to a charity of your choice with no additional cost to you?! Oh, and you can keep your existing number too!

You can choose from a Pay As You Go contract (SIM only) or get a handset from Donate Mobile and use it with a Pay Monthly scheme. You will get everything that you get from your current provider, except you'll be helping your favourite charity at the same time! It can be a big charity or a local charity. As long as their registered, you can donate to them.

If you want to join but your current contract isn't up for quite a while, you can pre-register with them and they'll send you an email a month before your current contract is due to expire. 

Each month, you can check how much you have paid to your charity. All over my Facebook and Twitter feeds are people doing fundraising for various different charities. Donate Mobile make it so easy!

Check out the little video below for more information.

Change the world...with Donate Mobile from Donate Mobile on Vimeo.

This is a sponsored post.
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