Wednesday 14 August 2013

Having a Clingy Child

Since C was very young, I've tried to teach him self settling. I didn't want him getting used to certain things getting him to sleep. This worked brilliantly as we started very early on.

Recently though, he won't sleep without me beside him. When his daddy lies down with him, he screams the house down and kicks him away. I tell Chris to move and the second that I lie with him, he snuggles into me and drifts off to sleep.

Don't get me wrong, it is extremely cute that he wants his mummy to comfort him but it can get a bit irritating and Chris is always saying "Why does he not like me anymore?" I reassure him but I think it's getting him down.

I realise that it could be a lot worse. For example, he will let other people hold him/play with him and he doesn't scream bloody murder when I leave the room...

Has anyone else experienced this or something similar? 
How did it work out for you?

6 comments on "Having a Clingy Child"
  1. I had this with my Ethan, and he was the only one I ever co-slept with. He wouldn't leave my side, he was my constant baby duck. It's like...I was his comfort instead of him finding his own. It was exhausting and frustrating but I figured it was my doing at the end of it all. Because I never wanted him anywhere else but with me.
    Now with my younger children I've learned, and not co-slept and they have all self settled with no problems. I'm not against co-settling, I'm all for it in some cases {as I was with my premmy, and as you have been with C} but it could also just be a coincidence, but you never know, it may be playing a part. x

  2. But Deborah, this is only him on the sofa! When we bring him upstairs he goes straight in his cot and only comes in with us if he wakes in the night.

    It doesn't explain why he'll fall asleep with me but not Chris :/ x

  3. Aaah right I get you. Sorry, didn't read that right. Perhaps he's being a typical male and being all territorial with his Mummy? x

  4. Oh sorry, I realise my comment sounded a bit blunt, I didn't mean it haha! It's cute as hell but I think poor Chris is feeling a bit sad :( x

  5. Aww, Tyne is actually like this already - when I lay with him he snuggles in and smiles at me, and literally falls asleep within seconds. When his Dad does the exact same thing - he either cries, or just lays there kicking around but will NOT fall asleep.

    At the moment I just find it cute that i'm his favourite, but I do think it upsets Jon a bit - but I think its just a phase. Its sad for Jon but its not my fault and so I plan to just enjoy it coz when he's a teenager and I'm the biggest embarrassment in his life I'll pine for these days lol

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