Monday 5 August 2013

Planning a Birthday Party

C's first birthday is edging closer and closer. I'm constantly worrying about something and this week it's party food.

It would be so simple to do the typical mini sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and lots of sandwiches with a variety of different fillings. Part of me wants to do that and buy a load of the 'fun size' bags of sweets but I think deep down I want to make his party stand out a little and put my own spin on the food.

I'm already planning on baking his cake myself (that will be a laugh, I've never baked before in my life) and I also wanted to do Dumbo cake pops. With his party being in a rented hall, it would be a bit of a pain transferring hot food from our house to the venue with nowhere to keep them warm so my other plan was to do a selection of tray bakes. 

Hobbycraft do a fantastic range of cookie cutters (I'm especially loving the dinosaur ones) so why not even do a load of cookies in different flavours and shapes!? I reckon it will be fun and more importantly, look great!

I wonder what I'll be worrying about next week...

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6 comments on "Planning a Birthday Party"
  1. I celebrated my youngests first birthday a couple of weeks ago, exciting times. love the MMWBH linky x

  2. This seems like a life time ago for me now! Mine are 10 and 7! :( Broody much? lol! Awww enjoy!


  3. Yum cake pops sound delish x good luck with all the planning x

  4. Sounds like you have some fab ideas! :) enjoy every second and take loads of photos! I didn't take enough of M's first birthday x

  5. My youngest daughter's birthday is coming up soon too but I haven't even got round to thinking of food yet so you're doing well! Love the cake pops idea!

  6. Sounds like it is going to be a fun day! #MMWBH