Monday 12 August 2013

Who Am I?

Right now, I'm feeling the way I hope that most "new" mums feel. I watched 'The Hangover: Part 3' a few days ago and 'Mother' by Danzig was one of the soundtrack songs. I'd forgotten that I liked Danzig. I'd forgotten that I liked music. I don't know who I am. What do I like? What hobbies do I have?

My teenage years were great. 2006 (I was 14) was the best summer ever. My friends will tell you that also. I was a typical teenager. I went out with my friends every day, into town on a Saturday afternoon and listened to copious amounts of music. Everywhere I went, I had to have my headphones in. I also took advantage of the summer to dye my hair insane colours.

A friend & I, Summer 2008

I eventually had to grow up and get a job. When I was 17, I got my first job. I stayed there for 2 years and managed to get up to supervisor level. I met my boyfriend, Chris, at work. He started a week after me. Our first date consisted of going to the museum and then a bookstore (what does that say about us?). I used to read all the time. Chuck Palahniuk is my favourite author. I can't remember the last time I read (and finished) a book. Probably when I was pregnant.

When we first started going out, Feb 2010

Us with C, May 2013

When Chris and I were in a serious relationship we went to gigs, we went to bars, we ate huge amounts of junk food as we snuggled up and watched movies together (I went from a size 8 to a size 14).

Dropkick Murphys gig, April 2010

Gogol Bordello gig, March 2011

Since having C, I've gone back down to a size 10. I never listen to music and my only hobby now is comping. Something that I started doing when I was pregnant and bored sitting indoors.

I rarely see my friends. I used to see these people every day. Some I see monthly, others less often, and some I haven't seen in years. It does make me sad. I want to change that.

How have you changed since becoming a mum?

5 comments on "Who Am I?"
  1. Hey Rebecca.

    My little one is 8 months now and the main thing that has changed is that my husband and I can't really watch movies as much as we used to as my little one occasionally has problems sleeping, so "us" time in the evenings is sporadic.

    I have M.E so before little one was born I couldn't really do much to begin with. I guess I am lucky in a sense that not alot has changed for us.

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from. I used to devour books at a rate of at least one a week, go to gigs several times a month (or even several times a week at one point), spent lazy afternoons in bars eating lunch & drinking cocktails .... Since having Ben 4 years ago I didn't manage to read a full book till Spring this year, I go to gigs but a few times a year. Things change & we grow up but its important to keep sight of the things that are important to you outside of your family.
    Make plans to see people, book tickets for things, try something new. You'll be an even better mummy for it x

  3. I think I've lost my identity somewhere too. I suggest a few child free evenings to rediscover yourself :) x

  4. This post rings so many bells to me, I think it is nice to be known as someones mum but also to be known as yourself as well. thanks for co hosting the mmwbh x

  5. I can relate to a lot here! Hope you can rediscover some of yourself under the 'mummy'