Saturday 31 August 2013

It's Only Taken (Just Over) 11 Months but...

C is finally crawling!

Let me begin by saying, I think it's my fault that he didn't start earlier. With him being premature, I really wrapped him in cotton wool. I barely let him down onto the ground as we have wooden floors and I was so worried he'd hurt himself. 

He started off where he would push with his legs but not know what to do with his arms so he'd end up pushing down onto his face (with his legs trying) but getting nowhere and this frustrated him. I hated seeing him get so upset and cry so I stopped.

Recently though, he's been turning himself onto all fours on the sofa and crawling up trying to grab things off the table. It's easier for him to get grip on the settee.

I took all his clothes off and tried him on the ground. He pushed himself up on all fours and moved one knee forward, then the second one....then moved his hands! I couldn't believe it! He's almost one and almost confident enough to walk on his own but he's only crawling now!

We did have a few 'banging his face on the ground' incidences (one resulted in a fat lip) but he's okay!

At what age did your little one start crawling?

2 comments on "It's Only Taken (Just Over) 11 Months but..."
  1. Aww!! Fantastic!!
    Well done C! xx

  2. Yaaay for C!!!

    My Ellie started crawling around the 8mth mark. She was so elated with crawling that she never walked until she was 14mths! xx